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Canada to USA by train

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With cars, planes and busses, long distance travel by train often gets overlooked. It is also not the most flexible and efficient option these days in Canada and the US where cross-country travel is not nearly as well developed as in Europe. That being said it is an option. When trying to figure out best ways of getting to Rochester I accidentally came across a train route that fits the journey perfectly: Downtown to Downtown with a window view. While it is an option a bit more costly than the bus it costs much less than flying (short distance here comes to over $600).

Train to Rochester takes roughly 6 hours, 2 of which is spent at customs. The route has a few stops but is more or less empty giving you an opportunity to stretch out across a couple seats. The journey itself is not very scenic but the comfort takes the cake. The sound of the train car hitting the tracks is monotone and relaxing which makes for a rather calm journey.

Tip: Seats are not assigned, make sure to pick one further away from the washroom. There is a cafe car but it’s not open the entire trip so bringing snacks and water is a good idea.

And “ladies and gentleman, you must have shoes on at all times when moving about the train” #TrainEtiquette.

To see the adventure through Instagram look up #XORochester. To see more photos from the visitors of Rochester look up #VisitROC.

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